About Me

The website is blogging themed flower plats (plants) that is very simple and it contains many articles on education, tips, and other unique things that essentially could be useful. The origin of the name of this blog is the result of agreement from friends involved.

I am from one of the lovers of flowers, sometimes I observe the flowers, if flowers which I think is rare and never have I seen it I love it.

I live in the tropics Indonesia, many flowers are in bloom area I do not know the seasons. in the dry season when the rainy season many kinds of flowers grow and bloom beautifully, so I made one this blog is inspired by nature.

Article in this blog my many ideas of the people who write in magazines and news as well as news I observed directly from natural flowers.

I am glad that many who read my blog. Sometimes a blog post I good enough maybe I just started to write on the blog, I hope you understand my shortcomings.

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