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Alstroemeria Flowers to Ward Off Magical Attacks

Alstroemeria is one of the flower plants similar to orchid plants, this plant has beautiful flowers, rich in color, brilliant and very liked for anyone who saw it. This flower is widely used as cut flowers. With its beauty and color, many of these plants used as an ornamental plant.

Alstroemeria flowers have 6 strands of crown, three strands of the crown on the outside and the other inside with a slim shape, the flower of this plant has a very beautiful color variations, on the inside of the flower has a different color, the color of flowers there are white, yellow or yellow White there is also a gradation of both colors that add to the splendor of this plant when blooming. At the crown of flowers there are also short lines of black color.

Alstroemeria Flowers to Ward Off Magical Attacks

The Alstroemeria plant is one of the Brazilian plants that belong to the family of Amaryllis and they enter the Amarylli-daceae family. This plant has the character of a plant that grows tall and dense, woody stems look soft and many contain water, leaf slim and elongated like a form of acacia leaves.

Alstroemeria Pelegrina

Alstroemeria Pelegrina known as Peruvian Lilies This plant also belongs to the family (Amaryllidaceae), and this plant grows naturally in the mountains of Chile, Peru and Brazil, the plant of this genus is named after ClausAlstroemer, a disciple of the great botanical Linnaeus classifier who went to America South and sent seeds Alstroemeria. This plant blooms in late spring that is like a lily. With the beauty of many flowers attract butterflies, bees and birds to perch this planted.

Alstroemeria Flowers to Ward Off Magical Attacks

Plant Alstroemeria Pelegrina herb plants that grow commercially with a large scale, if the flowers are made as cut flowers will be durable, this flower will appear on the stem with a height of 24 inch. In the flowers have spots that add the beauty of flowers with a variety of colors, mixing colors between cream, yellow, pink, orange and red. This flower is great for cut flowers, and we also plant it in pots with proper care.

Alstroemeria Flowers to Ward Off Magical Attacks

Alstroemeria In Spiritual

The flower of this plant has a pink, white, and peach-like color, it is a symbol of feminism in the wizarding world. Alstroemeria is a venus with natural earth elements. This flower also has other colors such as red, orange, yellow which is a symbol of feminism.

According to some of the story of this plant shaded by the planet Mars, then this plant has a fire element, then with this Alstroemeria plant used as a herb to destroy the magic done to someone. Alstroemeria is also believed to be a plant to protect a person from dangerous magic attacks. This plant is also used to symbolize expressing friendship and devotion.

How to Plant Alstroemeria Plants

Alstroemeria love sunshine, but must be protected, so if you plant this plant you should place it in the sun. With its placement should be protected like a tree. Good soil to plant these plants should be in the first by hoeing until loose and on every one meter of soil mixed with compost as much as 15 kg.

Rhizome Alstroemeria plant seedlings planted with a distance of 40x50 cm, for subsequent planting can you plant with a distance of 60x50 cm. After the seeds of Alstroemeria plant grow and remove the leaves then you can provide the appropriate fertilizer with this plant and with the right dosage, and fertilizer you can do every two weeks. Other treatments you can do watering once a day in the morning or evening. For pest prevention you can water the plants with fungicides or insecticides once a week to prevent pests from plants. But this plant has not been found in the attack of pests. After eight months of planting then the flowers will start to appear and you can harvest them for cut flowers.

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