Monday, July 10, 2017

Larkspur or Delphinium Flowers

Flower Larkspur, delphinium or dolphin is one of the high flower plants with varied color flowers such as blue, red, purple, yellow and white. This plant can live between 2 to 3 years, Larkspur plant is categorized as a garden plant, this plant requires a lot of sun light and usually given protector on the trunk to be protected from the wind that can break a long stem. This plant contains delphinine alkaloids are toxic when ingested it will occur vomiting, if the consumption in large quantities it will happen death.

Larkspur or delphinium plants can be used as a treatment but in small amounts, usually this plant can treat insect bites, eye diseases, and ear diseases in certain parts. Flowers Larkspur or delphinium flowers can treat scorpion sting, Larkspur flower is also made as an ink-making material.

Larkspur or delphinium flower is also symbolized as the birth symbol of july month, this flower also symbolizes open heart and interest, symbolizes feelings without burden and also symbolizes expressing a unique natural beauty.

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