Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sweet Alyssum flower Suitable as Hanging Ornamental Plants

If you want your home to be green with green plants. Then you can plant some ornamental plants. If this you do then your house will be more beautiful and nice to see even though you have a small garden. If you want to plant ornamental plants, then choose a unique plant and has a beauty, for example you can plant ornamental plants in front of your house or ornamental plants flowers for your house more beautiful again. Then choose plants that match your garden, and your home. If you intend to plant hanging ornamental plants then you can choose Sweet Alyssum flower plants, because this plant has the beauty and color of flowers.

Alyssum Sweet flowers Suitable as Hanging Ornamental Plants

Sweet alyssum flower is one of the beautiful flowers, will be treated in general, the flower is known by one of the beautiful objects and many meanings. The sweet alyssum flower when blooming is very beautiful and in the time of the blossom comes out a fragrant aroma, so with this many people who love it. The name of the flower is basically named with "alyssum" which is derived from Greek meaning "Anger", at that time this interest is used for medicine against anger.

The flower blooms from April to October. With the character of a plant that is easy to grow. Color of sweet alyssum lavender, white, purple and red flowers. Alyssum contains about 100 to 170 plant species belonging to the Brassicaceae family. This flower comes from Europe and then spread to North Africa and Asia region, and this plant is widely found in the Mediterranean plateau.

The characteristics of the plant Sweet alyssum flowers are included in the genus of annual and perennial herbaceous plants. This plant is a small bush plant with a height of 10 to 100 cm, and its oval leaves and stems are low, and people call it with green carpet plants. Then with this plant is very suitable as an ornamental plant for your home page. 

Sweet alyssum flower is a suitable plant as hanging ornamental plants, this plant is beautiful. This plant has many types of flower color. And this plant is suitable to be crowned as a beautiful woman.


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