Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Phalaenopsis Celebensis Orchid

Phalaenopsis Celebensis Orchid

Phalaenopsis celebensis

Orchid Phalaenopsis celebensis is one of Indonesian origin orchids. This orchid is one type of epiphytes, its roots are fleshy, Short stem, and this plant is almost all stems covered with a leaf midrib.

The leaves are small with varying green color, the length of the leaves is about 7 cm with a width of 6 cm and the shape of round leaves elongated.

Phalaenopsis equestris

This is the most common orchid found in the Philippines, according to some sources of this plant first discovered in Luzon Island (Philippines) by Meyen, then this orchid belongs to the genus Phalaenopsis.

The flowers are arranged on a stem with a bow, length 1.2 - 6 cm, in one stalk there are some bud flowers.

This plant is short-stemmed with leaf-wrapped, leaf the plant is green, fleshy and curved.

Phalaenopsis amboinensis

This is one of the genera of orchids found in Indonesia, Ambon (Maluku Islands).

Phalaenopsis fasciata

This type of orchid can be found in Indonesia and the Philippines. Orchid flowers are full of lines on the flowers with brown color


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